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Welcome to the Revolution

Samba Sauce is the real deal. It's Sauce, not filler. Our six-pepper homemade recipe prominently features the Malagueta Pepper, grown mostly in Mozambique and Brazil. We don’t use filler or bad stuff in our sauce either. This recipe is unique, flavor-forward, thicker, smoother and heartier. Each bottle of Samba Sauce is between 70-85% vegetable matter - most other brands aren’t even half of that. We are vegan, dairy free and gluten free. We don’t use chemicals, artificial or filler ingredients. We source organic when possible and only use the freshest ingredients.

Welcome to the real food revolution, the Samba Sauce Revolution!


It's all about that Malagueta, Baby!

The most amazing pepper you've never heard of. Native to Mozambique and brought to Brazil hundreds of years ago, the Malagueta pepper is to Brazilian spice what potatoes are to french fries. 

The malagueta pepper got its name from a West African spice, and this has actually bred a lot of confusion over the years. These two things are totally unrelated. You’ll see the mistake played out in even the most professional of cookbooks and reference guides at times.

Malagueta is really a staple in countries that share Portuguese as an official language, especially in Brazil’s Bahia state. How did it become so popular there but not spread its popularity throughout the rest of the world? The most likely hypothesis is via old world trade routes that saw Portuguese traders bring the pepper from Brazil to their homeland, and then of course to its African colonies.

If you are into Brazilian or Portuguese cooking, then the malagueta pepper is pretty much a must! They are used in all sorts of meals, especially in stew dishes and light soups. You’ll also see a lot of recipes using this chili to flavor poultry dishes, especially in Portuguese cooking.