Our Story


Padrinho Walmir cooked up the first batch of Samba Sauce on his farm near Lago de Serra da Mesa in Brazil. After a little music, a little dancing and a bit of cachaça, the spicy concoction wowed family, then friends, then his hometown with it’s flavorful, distinctive taste.  

After dazzling kitchens across Brazil, you will taste one of the first batches of Samba Sauce imported to America!

Samba Sauce prominently features the Brazilian Malagueta pepper. The Malagueta pepper only grows in Brazil and Mozambique - and was likely brought to Brazil from portuguese colonies in West Africa where the Samba dance originated. A secret mix of six Brazilian peppers, Samba Sauce is clean: majority vegetable matter - no dairy, no mayo, no gluten, no chemicals, completely vegan and uniquely delightful.

Samba Sauce is a passion project (and a passion) for us. Each bottle provides supplemental income to working families in Brazil who are given free seeds to grow peppers in their own homes. In return, we organize and guarantee the purchase of their harvest every week.

Obrigado, pessoal!!


Jon + Shik